What is Project FNF?

Project FNF is a 4 week challenging gym program for beginners or experienced people who have done all the diets, done all the gym classes and spent years being stuck in a rut and struggling to get the results they really want.

The program is designed and completed by us, ( we train with you) all the way through, so you will learn the key lifts and functional movements to build a athletic body and drop that unwanted body fat, by correct nutrition coaching and a structure you can stick to, all elements and exercises are broken down and individual coach via video tutorials.

The course will give you daily support unlike any other in our VIP group surrounded by your members so you will never feel or be alone throughout your health and weight loss journey.

Join project Fear Nothing Fitness and develop the skill, knowledge and confidence to live the life you want.
Nutrition Education / Guides / Support
Monthly Workout Program – PDF / Coached Videos
Amazing Results
VIP Group with all you members and access to both coaches
Daily Support with Q&As, Live Videos and Messages
New Weekly Recipes, Competitions
Keep it Simple
We Know What We Do Works…

We don’t have any secrets or magic pills but it’s not luck that we’re able to get the amazing results with our members like we do. We have spent years crafting our knowledge working on a daily basis with members of the public who have spent years and years going from one diet to the next without getting the results they really want.

If you keep it simple working on daily goals that we teach on the course and learn about nutrition so you can apply it to your lifestyle, not only will you be able to the results you want, you will also learn how to finally keep them long term.
The simple habits we do with the support you will get while following the structured program, if you’re ready to do the work then you cant fail on this course…
We can’t do the first steps for you but once you’ve taken them, with the support from your fellow members and both the coaches at Project FNF, you will SMASH your RESULTS
  •  4 Weeks Project to bring you amazing RESULTS
  •  Tailored Nutriton around your lifestyle
  •  4 Week Fitness Program with coached videos on all the exercises
  •  Daily Support in our VIP group surrounded by like minded people
  •  Starter Blueprint explaining everything on how we get our members the results they do

"Great program. I am stronger and able to do exercises that I would never believe I could do. Thank you Stu you are an amazing trainer! Yay team FNF."

− Marie

"I have been with the FNF program since the beginning. I love the way I feel. I have more energy and my body is getting so toned. No more flabby arms for this lady. I love the convenience of the program. Working full time and taking care of a family and home doesn’t give me a lot of extra time, but being able to do this at home when it is convenient for me is fantastic. I have seen major results that I have not gotten from any other program. Stu is very supportive and available for questions about the diet or the exercises. I highly recommend joining FNF!!"

− Donna

"Fear Nothing Fitness is a great program. I've gained so much strength and confidence it's mind blowing! Stuart is an awesome trainer and motivator! #TeamFNF! "

− Katie

"I love is that you can do this at your own pace, just rewind the video! All in all well worth the effort and cheap to boot. There is a 'secret' Face book page for team members too. Here you can interact with fellow eerm.. sufferers (for want of a better word, lol) and with Stuart. Stuart will occasionally post very funny and inspiring videos (all too short) and comments. Always supportive. And another big plus is, you can email Stuart and ask all sorts of things about the program, answer guaranteed! Try it, you will be hooked!"

− Rein


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Before beginning any exercise program or changing your physical activity patterns, you should always consult with your doctor or physician, particularly if you have been inactive, are very overweight, or have or suspect any sort of medical condition that might be worsened by exercise.