Learn more about Stuart’s career as the Rocket and about Rugby itself. View game highlight reels and enjoy his hosting turns for Cru TV. Become a fan of the Crusaders and join Stu for a game!

4 weeks online health and fat loss program for beginners or experienced people who have done all the diets, done all the gym classes and spent years being stuck in a rut and struggling to get results they really want.

Stuart Reardon models in several categories, including fashion, fitness and book covers. His physique and coloring are ideal for eye catching digital and print advertisements.


"Fear Nothing Fitness is a great program. I've gained so much strength and confidence it's mind blowing! Stuart is an awesome trainer and motivator! #TeamFNF! "

− Katie

"This workout program is like nothing I've participated in before. Each session is unique and designed for maximum results in a shorter amount of time. 35 minutes (including cool down) is such a manageable amount of time that it's easy to stick with it. There is enough variation in the workouts that I felt like I was constantly challenging myself and my muscles to keep up. I have seen remarkable results both in my muscle definition and my endurance throughout these sessions. I would highly recommend Fear Nothing Fitness to anyone who wants to get involved in a workout routine but feel they just don't have the time or the access to a gym."

− April

"I love FNF, I’ve had amazing results and I can’t imagine not continuing the program!"

− Elizabeth

"One session in and my husband has noticed a difference. 4 lbs. gone, body fat down 4%! Great, hard work-out with a wonderful support group. Stuart’s pretty easy on the eyes, too!"

− Ginger

"I have been with the FNF program since the beginning. I love the way I feel. I have more energy and my body is getting so toned. No more flabby arms for this lady. I love the convenience of the program. Working full time and taking care of a family and home doesn’t give me a lot of extra time, but being able to do this at home when it is convenient for me is fantastic. I have seen major results that I have not gotten from any other program. Stu is very supportive and available for questions about the diet or the exercises. I highly recommend joining FNF!!"

− Donna

"I love is that you can do this at your own pace, just rewind the video! All in all well worth the effort and cheap to boot. There is a 'secret' Face book page for team members too. Here you can interact with fellow eerm.. sufferers (for want of a better word, lol) and with Stuart. Stuart will occasionally post very funny and inspiring videos (all too short) and comments. Always supportive. And another big plus is, you can email Stuart and ask all sorts of things about the program, answer guaranteed! Try it, you will be hooked!"

− Rein

"Best program I have ever done. I am seeing great changes in my body. I have more energy and feel great. Love being able to do the sessions in my own home. Highly recomend."

− Donna