You’ve been waiting for this! Here’s our interview with the gorgeous, sexy and handsome NW Crusades rugby hunk Stuart Reardon. A big thanks to Stuart for taking time out to chat to us and for sending us this stunning Scott Hoover shot we love it!

WEC: “How did you make the transition from rugby to fitness modelling & what do your team mates think of your work?”

SR: “I’m still playing professional rugby so no real transition took place, it just offers other options for opportunities. My team mates are cool with it, I’m a mad sort!”

WEC: “How would you persuade someone to come and watch a rugby match who has never seen one before?”

SR: “It’s a very exciting game to watch from start to finish. It’s high paced and a very physical sport! Who doesn’t enjoy watching athletes run around hitting each other as hard as possible. smile emoticon

WEC: “How do you stay motivated on days you don’t want to workout?”

SR: “I am a very positive person even on a bad day and I love to workout I always have from a really young age, so I don’t need motivation to workout! I love the challenge and working out is more of a reward for me. ( If you keep a positive frame of mind the body stays positive too )”

WEC: “What advice would you give to the younger guys coming into the male fitness/glamour industry?”

SR: “Get good representation – Join a model agency”

WEC: “When you do implied nude shoots do you wear or sock or are you freeballin!?”

SR: “I will leave that to your imaginations!”

WEC: “Do you enjoy being a sexual fantasy to thousands of women and what do you think of you huge gay following?”

SR: ” I am very grateful for all of the support I get. It’s nice to be liked and supported in the things I try and do. ( Thank you ) smile emoticon

WEC: “You’ve worked with so many photographers do you have a favourite & is there anyone else you’d like to shoot with? what are you modelling plans for the rest of the year?”

SR: “I’ve enjoyed working with a lot of very good photographers. I couldn’t just pick one as they are all so talented. I think the more you work with someone the better the pictures or work can become. There are plenty of good things to come in the future, just follow me on social media if you would like to keep track of my progress. smile emoticon

WEC: “Boxers or briefs? favourite aftershave? what do you wear in bed? weirdest place you’ve ever been naked?”

SR: “Briefs but I don’t mind boxers ether. smile emoticon My favourite aftershaves are CK1, Paco Rabanne Invictus, Issey Miyake. I’m naked in bed, unless its really cold in the winter I will wear shorts and a T-shirt! Weirdest place I’ve ever been naked? Nothing crazy skinny dipping in the sea!”

WEC: “Sex or rugby?”

SR: “Sex!”

WEC: “Where’s your favourite place you like to be kissed?”

SR: “Lips, neck.”

WEC: “What do you like to do in your spare time outside of rugby and the gym and do you have any hobbies?”

SR: “Family time with my Fiancée and son, movies, nice meals, I love to run or go on long peaceful walks in the countryside, I love the beach, anything active really I’m easy to keep happy!”

WEC: “What is the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done?”

SR: “No Comment ( I’m all good nothing naughty!)”

WEC: “If you were stranded on a desert island what 3 things would you take?”

SR: ” Bear Grylls, Jamie Oliver and Emma Hayes. Bear could take care of all the survival stuff, Jamie could cook the food, me and Em could live happily ever after. The end. lol smile emoticon

WEC: “Will there be a 2016 calendar and any plans to do a fitness DVD?”

SR: “Yes my 2016 calendar will be out in a couple of weeks, and es possibly a workout DVD in the future who knows?”

WEC: “And finally do you have a message for all the Women’s Eye Candy UK followers?”

SR: “Thank you for all the support and promotion I get from the Womens Eye Candy UK followers, your all awesome and I really appreciate you. smile emoticon Big Hugs and kisses peace Stu smile emoticon xxxxxxxx”

A massive thanks again to Stuart in the meantime follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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